CAF in partnership

Caf in partnership


The economic situation of international students (with a family residing abroad, i.e. outside of Italy), and of Italians residing abroad who are not registered in AIRE, is defined through the Equalized Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation abroad (ISEEUP or ISEE Universitario Parificato). This indicator is calculated as the sum of the income received by each family member in 2019 and 20% of the assets owned on December 31, 2019, divided by the equivalence parameter (which is based on the number of family members).


For the a. y. 2021/2022, the limits for the respective income and assets indicators are as follows:

ISEEUP (Equalized Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation):             € 23.626,32

ISPEUP (Equalized Indicator of the Equivalent Assets Situation):                  € 51.361,58


Students exceeding either limit will not be eligible for the benefits under this call for applications.

Students must file their request (DSU – self declaration) for the ISEE Universitario Parificato (ISEEUP) by latest December 31, 2021, under penalty of exclusion from the benefits provided by this call for applications.

The DSU must be signed at a CAF (Tax Advisory Centre) recognized by DiSCo. A list of recognized CAFs can be found at here.


The recognized CAF assists the student free of charge in filing the ISEEUP declaration and releases the related certificate. For that purpose, the student must present her-/himself in person and provide and deliver the required supporting documents. These documents must be issued by the competent authorities of the foreign country. The documents must be legalized by the Italian diplomatic authorities competent for the territory or – if foreseen – apostilled. All documents must be translated to Italian.

This documentation must certify the following:

  • the family composition relative to the year 2021, including the name, last name and date of birth of each family member, as well as the possible absence of one or both parents, in order to calculate the correct equivalence parameter;
  • the gross annual income received in 2019 by each family member (any lack of income must be specified in the documentation);
  • any real estate owned by each family member as on December 31, 2019, indicating the surface area of the buildings, as well as any movable assets available on the same date (any absence of movable assets must be expressly specified in the documentation);
  • any rent paid for the family’s residence.

Declarations in lieu, self-certifications, affidavits, or any other kind of sworn statements cannot be accepted